My biography

Welcome to my home page i am technology freak and innovator by heart though Professionally i work in visual effects field for films, based out of Mumbai India, I have experience in wide range of fields and would like to interact and share Knowledge with likeminded people. Here you can find small panorama of some of the projects, I have undertaken in last 20 years or so.

I’ve had the privilege of working on electronics with some companies like Any kits ,ibfriedrich GMBH, Beta-Layout GMBH, Community Science Center, National Institute of Design, Sharma Fesco, Suresh Productions, Digital Force, Prime Focus Ltd, Smaash Entertainment, and currently working with Puma Corp. Learning ever more and more about electronics is my favorite hobby/past time and I greatly enjoy sharing/teaching it as well. I also provides Creative control engineering solutions, I have 20 years of experience with Animatronics, Show control, Light and Sound show, Interactive Games, Sports Games designs, Sports simulators, Embedded systems.

I have a passion for work and thrive on the challenge of creating elegant integrated control solutions and Interactive Games, Sports simulator, embedded system designs, specification or concept, through the production of a functional design specification to the final build and commissioning of the system.

Electronic Circuits and Hardware Design:

Worked with Or-Cad Schematics and Layout, Eagle, Target PCB and Panel Design Software Circuit experience switch mode power supplies, high current drivers, analog/digital input/output protection, RF ISM based receiver/transmitter pairs, analog differential/singled ended high precision amplifiers, RF Remotes, Infra-Red remotes, Laser Power Supply.

Worked with Electronic circuits and product design, Transportation Design, Animatronics, Robotics, Visual effects for films and ads, Motion control shot planning programing, Time freeze shoots, design & development of special rigs for shooting, design and development of Interactive Games, Sports simulators, Soccer Games, Cricket simulators, Robotics, setting up entertainment centers and theme parks.

Have fun looking around my humble and probably outdated website, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions!